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The Pradella Industrial Design is an associated industrial design studio founded in 1982 by the Architect Piergiorgio Pradella after completing his studies – he started attending the Arts High School and finished his schooling awarding a degree in Civil Engineering, architecture and design branch.

In recent years, influenced also by the winds of change blowing through the world of furniture design, the Studio played a fundamental role developing a new design language in the area of classic taste, becoming a leader in the field of classic contemporary.

Owner of Bello Sedie S.r.l., after completing his studies technical studied with a specialization in 3D Technical design and planning, since 2003 is leading the company his father, Lorenzo Bello, founded in 1978.

Being the head of the production department, he supervises above all the production process phases and the selection of the raw material; despite his many responsibilities, he finds time to free his creativity designing new amazing models, which range from reinvented classical products to contemporary items.